Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At My House Knitting and Crochet list

This coming December 8th, the At My House Knitting and Crochet list will be on the Internet for 12 years, yes you read it right 12 years. The exchange leaders and myself have tried to make it the best place to be. We have added many features in the past years from Member of the Month, stitches, more exchanges, patterns, and even the contests. We hope you have enjoyed the list as much as we have and that you will continue to tell your friends and family about it. With over 3400 members, we must be doing something right.

Because the exchanges are closed during December and to help celebrate our 12 years of being on the net, we will have about 4 contests this month, so you will need to check your inbox to find out when. BUT read the rules, as I still have to delete so many simply because you just do not read them.

Coming in January we will have our member of the year. This list member adds a lot to the group by posting, helping other members, answering questions, joining in and offering help whenever she or he can. If they have joined any exchanges, then they have never been late, have helped the exchange leaders out when needed, and has followed all the list rules.

And if you are wondering how the name At My House came about, well when I first started it back in December 1998, it was on One list, who listed the groups alphabetically, and so it became At My House, so that it would be first one on the list, lol. You have Pat Haker and Penney Wilfort to blame for me starting it. They wrote me over and over again, so here it is 12 years later and still going strong.

Right now I would like to take the time to thank all my exchange leaders, who have given so freely of their time and sometimes money to help run this list. Without you, this list would not be what it has become today. Thank you.

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