Friday, December 27, 2013

Bobbin Lace Supplies

Bobbin Lace Supplies

I am selling all my bobbin lace books and kit, all of it, I can not see to do it any more, and have not used it in some time. Below is a list of the supplies and books I have, write me if you are interested. Full descriptions are listed in other posts. May take lower price for it all, $200, and you pay the shipping, etc.

Thanks, Nina

1. Bobbin lace Patterns In Torchon 12.00 A student's workbook
2. The torchon Lace Workbook $50.00 by Bridget M Cook
3. Lessons In Bobbin Lacemaking by Doris Southard 20.00
4. Introduction to Bobbin Lacemaking by Rosemary Shepherd $50.00
5. The Technique of Bobbin Lace 20.00
6. Bobbin lace without a teacher kit.
7. Thread

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