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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


September 2012 Pattern of the Month Knit

Dishcloth @2006 N.L. Banks
This dishcloth is worked best in a solid color. It's also one of my favorite to make. Hope you enjoy it.

Size 8 knitting needles,
2 markers
1 row counter
1 ball Peaches & Creme Cotton Yarn, any color

Note: pm =  place marker, (slip markers as you come to them)

Cast on 40 stitches

Rows 1-4 Knit

Row 5: K4, pm, (place marker), *K3, P1, repeat from * to last 4 stitches, pm, K4

Row 6: K4, *K1, P3, repeat from * to next marker, K4.

Row 7:  K4, *yo, slip 1, K2 tog, psso, yo, P1, repeat from * to next marker, K4

Row 8: K4, *K1,P3, repeat from * to next marker, K4. (40 stitches)

Repeat from row 5 until you have completed about 8 1/2 inches from
beginning. K 4 rows, bind off, weave in the threads.

This pattern is copyrighted, and may not be used on any media, including websites, lists, newsletters, nor sold, recopied or reformatted. It is for your personal use only.