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Sleeveless Vest

Sleeveless Vest

 @2005 by N.L Banks
This one is for anyone wanting to learn to make a sleeveless vest WITHOUT a pattern. You
use the yarn, hook or knitting needles of your choice. You will need about two to five skeins
of yarn depending on the size you want to make, and a easy to see ruler.  And someone to knit or crochet a sleeveless vest for.

    I'm using my granddaughter. You will need to take their chest and hip measurements. And also take the measurement from the top of the shoulder to about 2 inches below the hip line. Write these measurements down using the form below.

     If you can do a single crochet or just plain knitting, you can do this.

1. Take the measurements below and fill them in.

A. Chest ________ + 2" for ease  _________  DIVIDED BY 2 = _________

B. Hip    ________   C. Top of shoulder to 1" or 2" below hip line _____

2. You MUST do this part. Knit or crochet a piece 6 inches wide by 6 inches long using the stitch of your choice. It would be easier to do, if you used a plain knit stitch or the single crochet and plain colored yarn. Let it rest a day or two.

3.  Now, DO THIS CAREFULLY!  with a ruler laid across a row of knitting or crochet, measure off 4 inches. Now, count the stitches within this four inches along the same row.

_______   divide this number by 4 =______. This is the number of stitches per inch.

 For example, chest 24 inches, add 2 inches for ease = 26 inches. 26 divided by 2 (for front & back) is 13. My gauge is  2.5 stitches per inch. So 13 x 2.5 = 32 1/2 stitches, or 33. I need to cast on 33 stitches. If you are crocheting, and using just single crochet, then you would need to chain 33, plus one for single crochet. If you want to do a ribbing, then chain two for double crochet on the starting chain.

4.  If you've cast on or chained what you need, then to a k1, p1 for 2 inches if you are knitting. If you are crocheting, then do 1FPS, 1BPS across for 2 inches.

5. Change to plain knit stitch or single crochet stitch.

6. Now, work even until you have reached the C measurement, (top of shoulder to 1 or 2 inches below the hip line.)


7. If you are knitting, (see your gauge for this underlined above)

      A for a baby knit across 1 inch

      B for a child knit across 2 inches,

      C for a adult knit across 3 inches. leaving the same number of stitches for the shoulder on the other side, bind off the center stitches.

        If you are crocheting, then you would work across your 1, 2, or 3 inches, depending on your gauge, leave the same number of stitches for the other shoulder, but instead of binding off,  you would just chain the number of stitches.

    For example using my gauge which is 2.5 stitches per inch, and doing this for a child, I would work across the first 5 stitches, then (33 -10 for both shoulders = 23) bind off for knitting 23 stitches or chain for crochet 23, then knit or crochet the last 5 stitches. This makes the neck opening.

8. Now for crochet just keep going until you have the same length as the back.

For knitting you, knit across your shoulder stitches, cast on the same number of stitches you bound off on the last row, then knit across the shoulder stitches for the other side. Now, just keep going until you have the same length as the back. I counted ridges, so that I would have the same length as each side.

9.Now do the ribbing the same as you did at the start, bind off, or fasten off.

10. Fold at the shoulder, and match the ribbing up, sew side seams half way up, and NOW you are done.

 Now you can take this pattern, using any stitch you want and make sleeveless vests.

 Hope you have enjoyed this group project. Let me know how you've done.

 This pattern is copyrighted, and may not be used on any media, including websites, lists, newsletters, nor copied. It is for your personal use only.

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