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Amy's Pineapple Bookmark

Amy's Pineapple Bookmark  @1999 By N.L. Banks

America's Best Crochet Thread
Size 10 Thread, Denim @28 a few yard
Size 7 hook
Rd 1 ch 6 to form ring, ch 2, 18 dc in ring.
Rd 2 ch3, 3dc in same place, 24 times.
Rd 3 ch 3, 8 dc in same place, turn.
Rd 4 ch 3, 1 dc in same place, 2 dc in each dc across, turn.
Rd 5 ch 4, *1 dc in next dc, ch 1, repeat from * across, turn.
Rd 6 ch 3, 1dc , ch2, 2 dc in same place, skip first ch 1 sp *ch 3, sc in next ch 1, repeat from * across, end ch 3, skip one dc, in last dc, work 2dc, ch2, 2dc, turn.
Rd 7 s/s to ch 2 space, work 2dc, ch 2, 2dc, (shell made) , * ch 3, sc in first ch 3 space, repeat from * across, end shell over shell, turn.
Rd 8-13 repeat row 7, having one less ch 3 loop each time, till no loops left, turn.

Rd 14 s/s to ch 2 space, shell over shell, ch 2, shell over shell, fasten off, weave in thread.
This pattern is copy righted and may not be copied to any other media, including web sites. This pattern may be used for personal use only.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nina's Coaster Pattern

Nina's Coaster Pattern @1999  By N.L, Banks
Peaches & Crème Yarn By Elmore-Pisgah, Inc.

 Few yards each White and Peacock

 G hook

With Peacock chain 4 to form ring.

Rd 1 ch2, 11 dc in ring, join slip stitch.

Rd 2  ch, 2hdc in each dc around, join.  Fasten off

Rd 3 attach white, ch 2, working in ridge below back loops, 2 hdc in each hdc around. Fasten off.

Rd 4 Attach peacock, ch 2, 1 dc in each hdc around. Fasten off.

Rd 5 attach ch white, ch 2 1hdc in same place, * 2 hdc in next dc, 1 hdc in next dc, *. Repeat from * to *. Fasten off.

Rd 6 attach peacock, ch 1, working in ridge below back loop, sc around, fasten off.

This pattern is copyrighted, and may not be used on any media, including websites,
lists, or newsletters. It is for your personal use only.

Monday, July 1, 2013




For machine knitter
By  Maggie Andrews



SIZES TO SUIT:- CHEST 51, 56, 61, 66, 71 CM.

20, 22, 24, 26, 28, INCHES. STANDARD GAUGE.

Thank you Maggie for the donation of this pattern, Nina


MACHINE Silver Reed 840 with SRP 60 ribber

YARN Yeoman yarns as follows.  Panama 50% cotton / 50% acrylic, 1 cone. Small amounts of Tian 4 ply ribbon, I used shades 15, 16, and 19. 

SIZES to suit chest     51        56        61        66        71 cms

                                    20        22        24        26        28 ins

TENSION Main tension 30 sts and 40 rs to 10 cm over st st

Fine 4 ply td approx 6 = mt   

PATTERN NOTES The first number given for rs and sts is for first size, the numbers for larger sizes follow. Where only one number is given it applies to all sizes. Purl side is right side.

To save confusion, cut pieces of  ribbon to the following  lengths just before knitting each garment piece, and fold each length in half.

Back and front: Shade 15,  2 x 280,  308,  336,  360,  384 cms.

                          Shade 16,  2 x 280,  308,  336,  360,  384 cms.

                          Shade 19,  1 x 280,  308,  336,  360,  384 cms.

Sleeve [2]          Shade 15   2 x 64,   72,   72,   88,   88 cms

                           Shade 16   2 x 64,   72,   72,   88,   88 cms

                           Shade 19   1 x 64,   72,   72,   88,   88 cms

BACK. Cast on 1 x 1 rib                                    
88        96        104      112      120  sts

mt-3/mt-3 k 22 rs. Trans rb sts to mb, rc000, mt, car.

Bring to uwp ns 1, 15, 16, 30, 31 on both sides of “0”.

Hang the centre fold of a correct length of shade 16 just behind the latches over ns 30 and 31 both sides of “0”

Hang the centre fold of a correct length of shade 15 just behind the latches over ns 15 and 16 both sides of “0”

Hang the centre fold of a correct length of shade 19 just behind the latches over ns 1 left and 1 right both sides of “0”

Knit 2 rs. This anchors the ribbons.

* Bring same ns as before forward to uwp. Take both ends of the ribbon up on the left and down on the right over each pair of needles. k 2 rs*.   * to * forms the pattern.

Repeat * to * throughout, k to rc                              
 62        74        84        92        100 

Hang markers at both sides, cont to rc                     
114      128      142      152      164 

Shape shoulders. Set machine to hold.

Keep pattern  correct

Put to hp at opp end to carr on ev r                           
 9          10        11        9          10  ns
6          6          6          8          8 times

k 1 r over all ns, kwy.


Work as back to rc                                                    
 96        106      120      126      138

Shape neck. Set machine to hold. Put to hold centre           
 10        12        14        16        16  ns

and all ns at left of “0”, keep pattern correct, k 1 r.

Push to hp at neck edge 1 n ev r 12 times, cont to rc           
115      129      143      153            165

Shape shoulder. Put to hp at opp end to carr on alt r 9         
10        11        9          10 ns
3          3          3          4          4  times

k 1 r over all shoulder ns, kwy.

Work other side of neck to match.  With my  k 1 r over all hp ns, kwy.

SLEEVE. [2] Cast on 1 x 1  rib                                
66        70        72        74        80  sts

mt-3/mt-3 k 12 rs. Trans rb sts to mb, rc000, mt

Work as back, inc 1 st ea end first and ev foll alt r to          
 78        82        88        90        96  sts

k to rc                                                                         
12        16        16        24        24

Shape top. Set machine to hold.

Put to hold at opp end to carr on next 10rs               
5          5          5          6          6  ns

k 1 r over all ns, mark centre, cast off.


Pin all pieces out to size, spray with cold water or cover with a wet towel and leave to dry before removing pins.


First join one shoulder on the machine. With right side facing pick up sts of one back shoulder onto                                                    27        30        33        36        40  ns

With wrong side facing, pick up sts of same front shoulder onto same ns, mt+1, k 1 r. Cast off.

Bring to wp for 1 x 1 rib                    88        98        102      116      116 ns

With my, mt-3/mt-3, k zig zag r. Do not k any circ rs, k 22 rs. Trans rb sts to mb, mt, k 1 r.

With wrong side facing pick up sts around neck on wy onto same ns picking up 10,  13,  13,  18,  18  sts from both straight sides of neck, mt+1, k 1 r.

Cast off very loosely by knitting the next row by hand pulling the ns back to nwp. Then pull work forward to bring ns back to wp and latch or link off.

Join other shoulder on the machine. Join neckband seam. Fold neckband in half to inside and catch down very loosely. [This neckband should pass over your own head]

MAKING UP. Sew in sleeves between markers matching centre marker to shoulder seam. Sew side and sleeve seams. Use latch tool to pull ribbon ends through the seams to continue and darn them in through the 2 my sts on the back.

alt                                                        alternate[ly]
approx                                                approximately
beg                                                      beginning
c1, c2, etc.                                         contrast colour
cal                                                       carriage at left
car                                                       carriage at right
carr                                                     carriage
circ                                                     circular [tubular]
cm                                                       centimetres
cont                                                    continue[ing]
dec                                                      decrease[ing]
ea                                                        each
eve                                                        every
f1/a  [f2/b]                                         feeder 1/a [back feeder.   feeder 2/a [front feeder]                               
ff                                                         fully fashioned
fnr                                                       full needle rib
foll                                                      following
g                                                          grams
h5 [6, 7, etc]                                      Set ribber to half pitch on number shown
hp                                                        holding position
inc                                                       increase[ing]
k                                                          knit
kwy                                                     knit several rows waste yarn and remove from machine
m                                                         metres
mb                                                       main bed
mc                                                       main colour
mm                                                      millimetres
mt                                                        main tension
mt+1 [2, 3, etc]                                 1 [2, 3, etc] full sizes looser than mt
mt-1  [2, 3, etc]                                 1 [2, 3. etc] full sizes tighter than mt.
n/ns                                                     needle[s]
nwp                                                     non working position
“o”                                                      centre 0
opp                                                     opposite
p5 [6, 7, etc]                                      Set ribber to full pitch on number shown
patt                                                     pattern
rem                                                     remaining
rep                                                      repeat[ing]
r/rs                                                      row[s]
rb                                                        ribber bed
rc                                                         row counter number
st/sts                                                   stitch[es]
st st                                                     stocking stitch
td                                                         tension dial number
tog                                                       together
trans                                                   transfer
uwp                                                     upper working position
wp                                                       working position
wy                                                       waste yarn
wyrn                                                   wrap yarn round first inside needle in holding position

 Photocopying  or reproducing all, or any part of this publication is strictly prohibited.This pattern is copyright and is published for the use of private individuals. The use of this pattern for commercial gain is forbidden without the prior permission of the designer, Maggie Andrews.

Survive the Night

Survive the Night by Vicki Hinze
  This was so good, loads of action, really wonderful characters, spice and a great read. It's the first in a series called Lost Inc., the next one being Christmas Count Down, which I've started, and yes, it's even better!!

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