Friday, November 7, 2014

Krissy's Hat Day 5 and 6 and done

I have finished the hat for my granddaughter, love the pattern called Mountain Laurel Tam 
( Below is day 5, and day 6 when I finised it. Will now finish the scarf I have been working on, and also start a ski hat for my grand son.

day 5 above and done on day 6.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Krissy's Hat day 3 and 4!

 Day 3 and 4 of Krissy's Mountain Laurel Tam 

Day 3, I have changed the pattern a bit, I"ve added three extra rows to the first color group, white, black, purple, white, blue, white, purple, black, then the white again, its in the ribbing, and then added another row of white between the rows of blue.

Day four, no problems with pattern, its an easy to follow charted pattern. I love this pattern.  Here I've again added more white, then the blue, white again, then stayed with the pattern following the deceases.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Toilet Tissue Drum

Toilet Tissue Drum  Cover@1999  by N.L. Banks

Peaches & Crème Cotton Yarn by Elmore-Pisgah, Inc

     1 ball  Red  # 95
    ½ ball White #1
    ½ ball Green  #62
    about a yard or two of  Butterscotch #91
1 colored pipe cleaner 12 inches or so long
G hook

Note: ch 2 counts as 1 dc

Stitches used:  Single crochet, Double crochet

Rd 1 With White chain 4 to form ring, ch2, 12 dc in ring, slip stitch to top of ch 2.

Rd 2 ch 2, 1 dc in same place, 2 dc in each dc around. Join. (24dc,)  (ch 2 counts as 1 dc )

Rd: ch 2, 1dc in same place, *2dc in next 1 dc, 1 dc in next dc * . Repeat from * to * around, end 3 dc in last dc. Join.  (37dc) (ch 2 counts as 1 dc )

Rd 4  ch 2, 1 dc in same place, *2 dc in next dc, 1 dc in next 2 dc, * . Repeat from * to * around. End 2 dc in last dc. Join. (49 dc).  Fasten off White. (ch 2 counts as 1 dc )

Rd 5,  attach Red, ch 1, working in back loops this round only, 1 sc in same place, and in each 1dc around. Join.

Rd 6 ch 2, working in both loops, 1dc in same place and in each sc around.

Rd 7-12 ch2, 1 dc in same place and in each dc around. Fasten off.

Rd 13  with White top facing away from you, attach Red to any unworked loop on row 5, ch 1, sc around. Fasten off.

Rd 14 with Green, chain 50 to form ring, ch 2, 1 dc in each chain around., join. Fasten off.   Sew the chain edge under round 13.

Rd 15, with Green, chain 50 to form ring, ch 2, 1dc in chain around, join. Fasten off. Sew the chain edge to bottom of cover (row 12).

Finishing drum

Starting with any dc on row 16, attach Butterscotch, skip 4 dc on row 15, ( /\/\/\  fashion) sew through both loops of next dc on row 15, * skip 8 dc on row 16, sew through both loops in next dc on row 16, skip 8 dc on row 15, sew through both loops of next dc on row 15 *. Repeat from * to * around twice. Fasten off. 

Drum Sticks:

  Cut pipe cleaner in half. Fold down one end about 1 ½ inches, then fold this part down again and twist it for the tips of the drum stick. Repeat for other stick. Tac both to the top of the drum, be sure and remove them before washing tissue cover.

 This pattern is copyrighted, and may not be used on any media, including websites,
lists, newsletters, nor sold or recopied without permission.  It is for your personal use only.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 2 of Krissy's Hat

I've been working on my granddaughters hat, to the left is what it looks like now. Its an easy to follow charted pattern that I got off  Willow Yarns at I have listed the link again below. And I used Krissy's colors of blue, black, white and purple. Here in the picture are just the white, black, and purple yarns, I think I really like this free pattern called Mountain Laurel Tam. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Just Knitting and crocheting all the time

I've been busy knitting things, like a hat for my daughter Amy, one of my own designs. Its pictured on the left here and will be a free pattern on this blog soon. This hat is a longish style knitted ski hat using size 5 and 7 circular knitting needles and a chart. I've also used another of Lion brands eyelash type yarn on it just for fun ( the blue just before the ribbing on the hat). The rest of the yarns are Red Heart Sport weight.

I am also working on  hat for my  granddaughter Krissy, it's at called Mountain Laurel Tam, below is the link to it. I"ve changed the colors to the ones she likes which are white, black, purple and blue. So far its looking good. I'll be posting about it as I work the pattern, next part is to start the chart design. The black I am working with is from Lion brand called Moonlight Mohair in Tundra and the other yarns are Red Heart Sport weight yarn in light blue, white and So Soft in purple using size 7 circular knitting needles. All are washable yarns. Below on the right is the picture of the hat as knitted so far.

  I've also crocheted a new design for the blog, it's picture below on the left, called Christmas Drum Toilet tissue cover, using worsted weight yarns, and pipe clearners and will be posted soon.

Nifty Patterns for Knifty Knitters

Nifty Patterns for Knifty Knitters  by Kathryn Doubrley. PDF, 89 pgs. $ 20.00. Instant download at