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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amy's Potholder

Amy's Potholder@1999 By N L Banks

This pattern is copyrighted, and may not be used on any other media, lists,
etc. including websites. It is for your personal use only.

Peaches & Creme Yarn
By Elmore-Pisgah, Inc.

1 ball Cream #3
1 ball Country Gardens #167
G Hook

Row 1, with Cream, chain 26, 1 sc in 2nd chain
from hook and in each chain across , ch 3, turn.

Row 2 1 dc in next sc, * ch 1, skip 1 sc, 1 dc
in each of next 2 sc, repeat from * across row, drop Cream
attach Country Gardens, turn. (9-2dc groups, ch 3 counts as 1dc)

Row 3 ch1, 1 sc in same place, 1 sc in next dc, *LSC in skip sc of row2,
1sc in next 2dc, repeat from * across, end 1sc in next dc, 1sc in top
of turning ch, turn.

Row 4 ch 1, sc in same place, 1 sc across row, fasten off garden country,
pick up Cream, turn.

repeat rows 2-4 7x, then rows 2 and 3 once, fasten off. Using Cream, repeat
row 4, fasten off.


With Cream, chain 26, sc in second chain from hook and in each chain across, turn.

Rows 1-30 ch1, 1sc in same place, and in each sc across row, turn.

Putting pieces together:

Row 31 working through both front and back pieces, with wrong sides facing
each other, ch 1, sc in same place, sc around potholder, evenly spacing stitches, placing 3 stitches in each corner.

Row 32 ch1, sc in each sc around pattern, placing 3 sc in each corner.

Row 33 *ch 3, 1dc in same place, skip 1sc, sc in next sc, repeat from
* around, fasten off.