Monday, September 6, 2010

Knitting Machine

I have an sk700 knitting machine since the mid 80's and just now getting back to using it. I've had to send my carriage in for repair, so while I am waiting, I am trying to relearn everything that I have forgotten, which is a whole darn lot. I can't even remember how to cast on with it.

So I am using the lace carriage, learning to cast on, and trying to relearn everything! Makes me mad, because at one time I made sweaters and sold them. I still have the patterns, but darned if I know how to do them anymore. lol.

So when I have relearned it all. I will post a few free patterns here. Or anyway that is what I am planning on doing.

Nifty Patterns for Knifty Knitters

Nifty Patterns for Knifty Knitters  by Kathryn Doubrley. PDF, 89 pgs. $ 20.00. Instant download at