Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Bad Season

When Les Campbell buys land and built a cabin on top of a hill, nobody in the small sleepy town of Owenton tells him not to go down in the hollow at night. Never. Not for any reason. Now Les is gone and his friend David has come to town looking for him. 

But what David finds out is Owenton has a secret. No one in the small town will go into the hollow at night, not after dark, not for anything, come dusk, they stay away. They go to the safety of their homes and David wants to know why.

Some kind of big animal, a monster the local sheriff told him and to keep the lights off at night. Always. David told the sheriff animals can't rip a 12 foot high stairs off the back of a cabin. But something did. And Les is still missing.

David found out the thing in the hollow has killed things, animals, people. Two children are missing and now the father and his biker gang have come looking for them.

The bikers, ranchers and sheriff are looking for the thing in the hollow. 

At dusk David goes to the cabin getting his things from his car, he watched two deer dart up the hill, his dog Bo barked, he saw Raccoons run from the hollow, then Bo growled, he can't hear the crickets, he cant hear anything. Bo rubs up against David. Something is coming. Something awful and its mad, very, very mad. 

I have read this before. Great read. Would make a great movie 

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