Wednesday, November 4, 2015


REFLECTIONS@1991 by Nina Banks

Reflections of times past,
Playing easy on the mind,
Carry me back,
To sweet memories and you.
Held forever, locked by heart,
In the spring of my life.

Reflections of the heart,
Bring cherished thoughts,
And hours,
Spent dreaming of you,
Slowly burning embers in my mind,
In the summer of my life.

Reflections of the mind,
Awakening images, ever drifting.
Haunting melodies playing,
Beneath a thousand stars,
Aglow in the night,
In the fall of my life.

Reflections of many a long night,
I lost to a memory that
Carries me back to
Reflections of past times
And you.
In the winter of my life.

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