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Friday, December 2, 2011

2012 free patterns for my list

Below are some of the free patterns for my knitting and crochet list on yahoo at Come join us!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Book Review Mid Gauge Basics + Much More

~~Book Reviews~~
N Banks

Mid Gauge Basics + Much More By Charlene Shafer

Book Information:
0543 $20.00. Basic techniques for the LK 150 (and all manual mid gauge machines)
No Ribber required.

Link to book:

This is a wonderful book for learning the basic skills or relearning what you have forgotten on the mid-gauge machines. It has a great section on making buttonholes and swatching using a standard ruler or the yellow ruler that comes with the machine.

Each lesson is very clear and easy to understand with step by step directions. The patterns that come with each lesson will help you learn each new technique. Some of the patterns have variations, so you will have lots to make from them. I love the way each lesson and the techniques that go with them are set up.

This book will help you learn all about the buttons on your carriage like how to do plating, slip stitch, tuck, lace, tuck lace. Even has a section on short rowing with patterns to help you learn about each. This must have book for your knitting library picks up where your manual leaves off.

Author information:

Charlene started machine knitting in January of 1969 and has authored over 200 books on anything from Crafty Ideas, Afghans, Baby Clothes, Holiday Items, many books of garments, machine knitting and technique books.
Charlene Shafer's Knit Knack Shop was opened in 1978, her husband Harold and son Noel work with her at the shop. Charlene is working on new books and loves to teach at workshops and seminars.

The shop imports Tamm Yarns and distributes them to the US & Canada. Also Cotton Tale 8 and Lion Brand 1878 Wool. They are dealers for Silver Reed machines and import the Hague Linkers. The Knit Knack Shop is ‘One Stop Shopping’ for the machine knitter.

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