Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ladies Variegated Ski Hat

Ladies Variegated Ski Hat @2013 by N. Banks

Materials needed:
4 to 6 oz. each of Pink, White, and a Variegated purple in worsted weight, or colors of your choice.  I used the variegated as my main color.

Size 5 & 7 circular knitting needles, size 7 double pointed needles
1 row counter, yarn needle

Note: fasten off yarns as needed and change to size 7 double point needles when needed.
With variegated and using size 5 circular needle, cast on 96.
Rds 1 to 9: Knit 2, Purl 2 around
Change to size 7 circular needle.
Rds 10 – 13:  with white knit.
Rds 14 to 17: with pink knit.

Rds 18 to 33: with variegated knit.

Rds 34 to 36 with pink knit.

Rds 37 to 39: with white knit

Top of hat:

 Rd 40: with variegated knit
Rd 41: Purl
Rd 42: knit 2 tog around.
Rds 43 & 44: knit
Rd 45: knit 2 tog around.
Rds 46 & 47: Knit
Rd 48: knit 2 tog.
Leaving a long tail, run yarn needle through remaining stitches and draw up tight.
This pattern is copyrighted, and may not be used on any media, including websites, lists, newsletters, nor sold or recopied.  It is for your personal use only

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