Thursday, June 1, 2017

Vee Neck Twin Set

Vee Neck Twin Set

by Sandy Lightfoot

 SO 33A sizes 32 to 40, SO 33B Sizes 42 to 50. $15.00 + SH. For Standard Gauge Machine with ribber. You’ll have a whole new wardrobe with these delightful patterns, which include a pullover sweater, cardigan, both with sleeve and neck variations. Learn some new techniques with the hand transfer options. Size charts, diagrams, very clear directions, even how to do samples for the cable patterns used on the front of sweaters. A great pattern to add to your collection. 250-423-7176

Bare Minimum Bikini

Bare Minimum Bikini by Kathryn Doubrley

$8.99 instant download. 9 pages.  For standard (4.5) or Passap knitting machines, with or without ribber. Nice section on short rowing, it also has directions for A to D cup sizes, diagrams, lots of pictures, clear, easy to follow instructions. This is a really cute and fun pattern!  A good way to use up small amounts or half used cones of yarn.


ADDI ADVENTURES by Kathryn Doubrley

 $10.99 instant download. 32 pages. A must have book for anyone having a circular sock knitting machine. Color photos show you how to knit/learn more about the Addi machine. Creative projects from purses, hats, pillows and bags, even flat pieces, this book will keep you busy. Lots of hints, learn to use sock, worsted weight, fun fur, even bulky yarns. Techniques, felting,    and repairs that you didn’t know you could do on the machine. Another must have great book for your knitting library.

Nifty Knits

Nifty Knits  by Sandy Lightfoot
 BK010 $13.00 plus P& H.  22 pages. For standard gauge punch card & Electronic machines, ribber needed for two patterns. You will love the ease of these 9 really cute fun patterns designed with the beginner in mind. The cute bear can be made up in about an hour, great for gift giving. Learn some new techniques, and have fun making some very useful items. Weaving pattern too. Some patterns take very small amounts of yarn,  Charts, diagrams,  250-423-7176

The Smorgasbord Cardigan

The Smorgasbord Cardigan  by Sandy Lightfoot

  SO31. 10 pages, $7.50 + S & H. For the standard gauge machine with a lace carriage and ribber, but you can also just plain knit the sweater and do a mock rib. One basic pattern with lots of variations, you can do lace sleeves or just the fronts, or do an all over lace sweater. Has both long and short sleeves, and a sailor type collar top, so you will have lots of sweaters using just this one pattern. The Cardigan has a shaping chart to help with the deceases and one for the sailor top.  If you buy several patterns/books you will only pay actual mailing costs. 250-423-7176.

One Piece at a Time Layette

One Piece at a Time Layette by Kathryn Doubrley

$10.99 instant download, 9 pgs. 7 very cute, easy to follow patterns sized for the newborn. For all machines, including the Passap. No ribber needed. These are a great beginner patterns with plain knitting, increases, decrease, and mock hems. She even tells you how to short row, lots of knitting hints. She has a neck band technique that could be used on anything requiring a band, a really great idea. You will love these patterns; another must have for your knitting library. Pictures, diagrams, visit her site for free videos on you tube.  

Bigger Than Bulky

 Bigger Than Bulky by Kathryn Doubrley

  $20. Instant download. 30 pgs.  These patterns are for the bulky machine including the Bond. Some require a ribber and are great for the beginner. 10 super easy to follow patterns are sized from 34 to 44, but the vest is sized to 52, and the cabled Capelet is 36 to 68 inches. Patterns also include slippers, hats, mittens, even a bathrobe. Some of the yarns used are skeins from Lion brand, Caron, cones from Nordic. Lots of pictures, tips and charts to help you create a gift or something nice for yourself. I really like the cabled hat and scarf.  You will love these wonderful patterns from The Answer Lady. 

Stripping for charity (with our clothes on)

Stripping for charity (with our clothes on) by Kathryn Doubrley

$12.99 instant download, 33 pages. Knitting hats in strips, 100’s of them, for the standard, Passap, mid-gauge or bulky, double or single bed machines. Sized from newborn to XL sizes, (19 to 22 inches) using Tamm BeBe yarn. Great pattern, Kathryn tells you how from the hems to fur trimmed, even lined, lace, fair isle and with woven trims. All done with waste yarn between them. Has worksheets, lots of pictures, a great book for charity knitting. 8 different patterns. Also has patterns for 14 to 22 inches.

Lots of ideas! Great Book. 

Shirts N Skirts

Shirts N Skirts by Sandy Lightfoot     

SO23 instant download at   $7.50. 15 pages or request by mail if you buy several patterns/books you will only pay actual mailing costs. For standard or Electronic machine, ribber required, but she does gives information for single beds. Sized for children & adults from 22 to 52. Beautiful polo style shirt and semi full skirt. Change the buttons to other side and you have a shirt for males sized from child to large adults. Learn to make plackets, change the hems or ribbings, and skirt styles and you will have a whole new wardrobe. Has pattern notes, diagrams, charts.  Clear easy to read directions.

Bulky Cotton Top

Bulky Cotton Top 

by Kathryn Doubrley
 $20.00 instant download, 35 pages. Long, short or no sleeve at all, with or without collars, button up the front or pullover, or just mix and match, you’ll find something you will want to make with this amazing collection of patterns. Finished bust sizes vary from 32 to 62 on some of the patterns, and only one pattern requires the use of a ribber. You can use these patterns over and over and since it’s for the bulky, you can also use wool for winter wear. Diagrams, charts, pictures. This is a must have for your pattern library. 

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter by Sandy Lightfoot

BK012 18 pages, purchased by mail or instant download at http://www.sandylightfoot.comoldsite.html, if you buy several you will pay actual mailing costs. For the standard gauge machine. 7 wonderful, uniquely beautiful and silly hats, four of which required a ribber. Sized for children to Adults. If you love making different kinds hats, this booklet is for you. Berets, bonnet, caps, even a pony tail hat.  Learn new techniques, diagrams, charts, lots of illustrations, how to’s, pattern notes. Directions are easy to follow with lots of hints.


by Kathryn Doubrley, 25 pages. $10.99 instant download at    For any gauge or brand of knitting machine. Learn to make your own latch tools, transfer tools, and more using things like latch needles, loom hooks for your machine and a few other things easily purchased from the Dollar store or your local hardware like glue, epoxy, clay, polymer clay, etc. Lots of how too’s, safety notes, very clear step by step directions with pictures, even things not to do. Has a log to keep track of the tools you have made. Great book for gift ideas. With the price of tools today, this book is worth its weight in gold.  

The Answer Lady’s Machine Knitting Notebook with 2 gauges

The Answer Lady’s Machine Knitting Notebook with 2 gauges

 by Kathryn Doubrley $20.00 instant download. 59 pgs. For stanPastdsapbulky machines (also Pastdsap standarad Bond) with or w/o (mock hem) a ribber. 18 unisex patterns for sizes 20 (infant) to 54. From a basic crew neck sweater you can create 100’s of different sweaters, vests, cardigans, & shells with or w/o sleeves, just for that someone in your life, even Fairisle. Learn as you go techniques, cables, a long section on darts. Perfect for beginners, she has a wonderful section on how to do a switch & several pages on terms.  Charts, Pictures, Passap tips, and more. You can not go wrong on this great book. I want to make several of the

No-Sew Tablecloths, Doilies, Cushions, Shawls, Afghans and Bedspreads

No-Sew Tablecloths, Doilies, Cushions, Shawls, Afghans and Bedspreads 
by Sandy Lightfoot.  BK009 26 pgs, $13.00 instant download at, email her for details. For standard gauge machines with out a ribber. 12 of the most beautiful patterns with many variations. The tablecloths alone come in 3 shapes and 48 sizes. Learn new edging techniques like picot and twisted loops finishes. Bonus: How to do a Rose and two sizes of Poinsettia. These will make perfect Christmas gifts and best of all you do not sew them together; it’s all done on the machine.  Look for other no sew patterns on her website. Between the Lace, knit, thread lace and the many variations, the patterns are endless.

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