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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nifty Knits

Nifty Knits  by Sandy Lightfoot
 BK010 $13.00 plus P& H.  22 pages. For standard gauge punch card & Electronic machines, ribber needed for two patterns. You will love the ease of these 9 really cute fun patterns designed with the beginner in mind. The cute bear can be made up in about an hour, great for gift giving. Learn some new techniques, and have fun making some very useful items. Weaving pattern too. Some patterns take very small amounts of yarn,  Charts, diagrams,  250-423-7176

Sunday, January 11, 2015

How to turn the corners

At My House Sewing
How to turn corners 

1. To turn the corner, sew to end of edge of corner to turn. ( Photo A)

Photo A

Photo B

Remove square from machine.
Cut thread. Fold back of binding up in place against 
the back of the square. ( Photo B )
Photo C

 3.  Fold the top of binding down on top of square, (Photo C) and adjust the corner so that both back and front of corner line up.