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March 2015 Pattern of the Month Machine Knit

March 2015 Pattern of the Month Machine Knit
Knitting Machine Eyeglass case@ 2012 by N Banks

This was knit on a Studio SK 700 standard machine.

I have been trying to find useful ways to relearn how to knit on my knitting machine, which I tucked away about 25 to 35 years ago. This pattern makes a padded case to fit a standard pair of glasses.
                                                                             Silver Reed Card #265
Silver Reed Card # 265
Tamm 3 ply Astracryl in white and lavender or two colors of your choice.
Fabric and matching thread to match your main yarn:

With white cast on with an e wrap  66 stitches (33-0-33).

Ten 7, RC O set machine to knit, be sure your latches are open.  Knit 9 rows. Hang weights, COL.

Inset card # 265,
1. Set machine order #1 as per manual (for Fair Isle or Knit it) , and knit one row to the right,

2. Set machine order #2 (page 24 of SK 700 Studio manual) (fair lsle). Be sure and add your second yarn to the feeder, (First time I tried this, I didn't add the second yarn and everything fall off the machine. So after a few more tries, tears and some not so nice words, I got it to working right, don't laugh, I am sure you have all had the same problems at times.) Also double check your settings for row 2 again. And of course I didn't and it would not knit for me when I was playing around with the machine.

RC O, knit 70 rows.

3. COL RC O, 

4. Remove 2nd yarn from feeder.

5. Set machine to plain knit. Be sure and check your settings again, if you don't have them right, your work will fall off the machine, just like mine did, lol.

6. Knit 10 rows. Bind off around gate posts.

7. Steam piece flat.

8. Lay knit piece flat with wrong side up and measure from side to side and from the top to the bottom of the design (not the white part at the top and bottom).  Cut fabric to this size.

9. Lay this piece of fabric on the wrong side of the knit piece and tack in place.

10. Steam top and bottom flaps (white parts) down so that only the design shows on the right side. Pin in place and sew down.

11. Pin center seam (sides) together matching top and bottom, sew in place.

12. Center the side seam in the middle of case at the back of the design and sew bottom closed. Turn right side out and stream lightly.

This pattern is copyrighted, and may not be used on any media, including websites, lists, newsletters, nor sold, recopied or reformatted. It is for your personal use only.

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