Monday, October 18, 2010

more stuff

It rained here last night. We went from really hot to rain, now it's chilly. But I like it better, gas is cheaper than running the air. Have bad headache. Hate that, can't think right when they are this bad.

Had some more of my patterns checked for 2011. Some of my exchange leaders are testing them for me. All 2010 are done, and now working on all the ones for 2011, of which I have done about 6or 7 months worth.

Also have been sewing, and relearning to use my knitting machine. But sometimes I get sick, and life gets in the way, and can't do a thing. Still not up to par for the knitting machine, have forgotten how to use it, but did do a couple of gifts for my sister. I would put the pictures up, but then she would know what I made her, lol.

Will be sewing again today, as soon as I can get rid of this headache, hurts really bad.

1 comment:

DukTape said...

Are you drinking enough water, Nina? I get headaches when I"m not drinking enough.

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