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Every Which Way Reversible Cables

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Every Which Way Reversible Cables

By Kathryn Doubrley

Book Information: PDF file instance download $16.75 For additional fees, you can write her if you need a copy mailed to you or burned to a CD.

Link to Book:

The book: Every Which Way Reversible Cables:

If you want to learn to do cables on your knitting machine, then this is the book for you! More than 7 projects to help you learn this technique. The patterns include scarves, shawls, cap, blankets, even a sweater and more. And she has marked which patterns you must use the ribber on, but many of them require no ribber at all.

Kathryn explains the reversible cable technique completely and very clearly listing cable spacing, design and several methods to do it. One for use with the ribber, anther one method for reforming the ribs with out the ribber. Another method tells how to do it with a full needle rib. And still more methods. She even explains ways to do this on several models of knitting machines, even the Passap.

Each pattern lists the yarn, gauge and type of machine used from Standard, mid-gauge, to the bulky. She uses Tamm yarns, Bebe, Nordic, Microtann, including Tamm 3 ply Astracryl. But does gives a gauge so that you can use just about any type of yarn with any of the patterns as long as your gauge matches the pattern gauge. One pattern ( The Collar T) has just four pieces, collar, sleeves. The front and back are knitted in one piece.

With most of the patterns in the book, Kathryn again explains the crossing of the cables, and gives a fill in chart to use. And explains how to do the ribbing by hand. Kathryn has also added a link to a download page for Fisherman’s Rib settings for all machines.

The book has very clear pictures of the finished designs, charts and even has several charts for keeping track of the type of yarn you have used, item made and notes for that item and of course the finishing of the item made. Sizes: woman’s bust 36 to 52 on the sweaters. The cardigan pattern I like the best. She as a chart using either The Tamm Bebe or Nordic yarns, so it’s like having a cool summer or a cold winter sweater.

From the Author:
“I began machine knitting sometime in the 1980's because there were GREAT sweaters everywhere but I could not afford the ones I wanted. I scrimped and saved and finally ordered a hobby machine by mail. Of course it was al-o-n-g time before my skills matched my taste! Nobody where I live had any idea what I was talking about so I learned entirely on my own from books.

Remember, this was pre-internet. When I finally attended a seminar and met other knitters I was beside myself. Because of learning to machine knit in the wilderness, I still have a lot of empathy for confused beginners and try to help them along.”

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