Sunday, June 24, 2012

Raised Half Double Crochet

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November Stitch of the Month

Raised Half Double Crochet (R hdc)

First example is on a foundation row of half double crochets, (has hook in it)

Yarn over hook, insert hook from front to back to front around the stem of the stitch in the row below, yarn over hook, pull up loop, complete as a half double crochet.

These are like post stitches, you can also work this same type of stitch doing single crochet.

The second example shows the R hdc, using double crochet as the foundation row.

Notice how the back looks, you can use this stitch showing front or back, depending on the affect you want to show. Like the group pillow we did, I used the back of the post stitches (double back post stitch) on the front of the pillow. It will make a edge on the front, if you do three or four rows.

Try it and see how it shows. This is great for a textured affect on pillows, the bottom of sweaters for ribbing, etc.

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