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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Black Box

She told the counselor about her dad pulling her hair, about him calling her names, telling her to get out; she showed him the marks that her dad left on her when he would punch her.  I was there when she told the counselor about all of it. She kept a dairy of it all, I told her to give it to the courts.   It was kept with all our court paperwork.  The marriage counselor said the courts ordered her to see her dad. He lied; I have the copies of the paper work. The counselor told her to go live with her dad.  Justice is only for those who buy it.

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Anonymous said...

I feel this is so true. Money can buy a lot of thing. I see this very thing with my Grandchildren. Power & pull. My daughter lot her children it well be ayear this Aug 2nd. My grands have been with his parents since. I can only see them if I go to their apartment or if my Son in law has them. so sad. very long story. I have given it over to God & his Rightness