Friday, December 27, 2013

Mail Order Mistletoe Brides

Mail Order Mistletoe Brides

This is an historial two novels in one by Jillian Hart and Janet
Tronstad. It's two wonderful tails about two women Mercy Jacobs and Maeve Flanagan who want new beginnings, hoping for love and a better life than what they and their children have left behind them. A change tostart over and make it right this time.

 They travel far from their home towns on the east coast, traveling
through cold, snow, mountains and the unknow to total strangers hoping and praying that they have not made a mistake coming so far.

 This takes guts and lots of prayers as they reach their new homes,
Mercy to Cole Matheson and his daughter Amelia. Can Mercy win the love of his daughter, can she win Cole's love instead of a business like arrangement?

Can Cole love her son? Maeve Flanagan answered an ad for a cook and a marriage in name only. Can she win Noah Miller love's and will he love her daughter? 

 These are two really good books in one, I gave it 5 stars.

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