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Machine Knit Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

@2012 By N Banks

Sample was made on an SK700
Wreath is about 6 ½ inches
Materials needed:
Tamm 3 ply Astracryl in white, red, and Green
1 4 inch Christmas type bow
Strong bendable wire, appx ½ yard.
Wire cutters
Yarn needle
Shape long eyed needle to fit through the top of the bells.
6 to 8 Small gold bells
1. RC 0: With green, and * leaving a long tail, e-wrap the 10 center stitches. (5-0-5). Knit 8 rows. Pull long tail through the opposite side of stitches at bottom. Hold on to this, moving your hand up as needed, knit 200 rows. The strip will curl into itself along the sides.  This is what you need it to do. Bind off around the gate posts, and pull the long tail through at the top like you did the bottom edge. Set aside.*
2. Repeat from * to * above, with the other two colors.

Photo 1
3. Thread the yarn needle with each of the long tails from the three strips.
4. Holding the white in the center, place red and green strips to each side, hold and sew in place. See picture 1.
5. Braid or twist the strips together, making sure the back (where it curls into itself) stays at the back of the wreath.

Photo 2
6. Thread yarn needle with tails again, sew bottom together just like you did the top. Lay piece flat, form circle and ties ends together. See picture 2. This is front side, and where you tied it will be the top of the wreath.

7. Turn piece over, and insert wire into back of wreath running it in and out the wreath, making sure it does not show on the front of the wreath. Twist the wire in back and using the wire cutters, cut off excess. Shape wreath into a circle.  See Photo 3.

Photo 3
8. Tie a bell to each end of the tails; tie three times to hold the bell in place. Cut each tail a different length.  Cut excess yarn from the bell. These will hang in center of the wreath from the top. Turn wreath over.

9. Tie bow at top and on back form a loop for hanging.
You can also make a bigger wreath, just knit more than the 200 rows, try 300 or 400 rows and see what happens. You can use this same pattern and make belts, hot pads, whatever you want.  For a belt, make the strips are the same size of your waist, braid the strips together, and then the tails. Use the tails to tie the belt in place. 

Photo 5
For a hot mat, try using 12 stitches (6-0-6) placing cording inside the strips, then sew the strips starting in the middle and just keep going until you have it the size you need Just remember the bigger the cording the wider your knitted strip (more stitches) should be

Photo 4
Inserted the cording into the knitted strip (photo 4) and sew it in place. (photo 5)

I’ve used a darker thread so you can see it in the photo; you would use the same color as your knitted strip. The beginning base strip should be about 2 inches long, turn it so that it is beside the next part of the same strip and   sew it place. Now just keep going until you have it the size you want for the hot mat, or bowl base. If you want the hot mat, finish off by sewing the end to the base with several stitches. If you want a bowl, just keep the base flat, then start up the sides for the height of the bowl.

Photo 6




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