Saturday, May 27, 2017

Head to Toe

Head to Toe 
by Sandy Lightfoot. 

BK004 20 pgs, $13.00, email her for details or  instant download at . For the standard gauge machine.  A Ribber is required for most of the patterns. Sized for children to adults. Head to Toe is really a good name for this pattern book filled beautiful hats, Knit high socks, and gloves to match. Knit them plain or fancy, you’ll love these patterns. You can knit just one gauge swatch using the same stitch for all the patterns, then just pick a pattern, and you’ll be zipping along in no time. Also mittens, slippers, neck warmers, ear flap hat and more. Clear easy to follow directions with pictures, diagrams, punch card diagrams. Great book from Sandy, must have for you knitting library.

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