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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bookmark # 2

An At My House Pattern Bookmark #2@1999
by N. L. Banks

This pattern is copyrighted, and may not be used on any media, including websites. It is for your personal use only.

Size 10 thread, any three colors
7 crochet hook

With main color, chain 4, join with a slip stitch.

Rw 1 ch 3, 3 dc in ring, ch 2, 4 dc in ring, ch 3, turn.

Rw 2 3 dc under the ch 2, ch 2, 3 dc under the chain 2, 1 dc in top of turning ch, ch 3, turn.

Repeat row 2 17 times. Fasten off main. Attach 2nd color.

With second color, place 3 sc in each ch 3 and turning chs, sc across bottom,
placing 3sc in ch4, sc across top,placing 3sc in ch2 sp. fasten off.

Attach 3rd color to center sc at bottom, ch 3, 7dc in same place, * skip one sc, sc in next sc, skip 1 sc, 5 dc in next sc, repeat from * 15 times, in next sc
work 7dc, repeat from * join with slip stitch, fasten off.

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