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Friday, August 10, 2012

Assembling Afghan Method 1

Assembling Afghans Method 1
In one of the group projects we did on the At My House Knitting and Crochet list was how to put an afghan together. I'll be posting the rest of the different ways to put one together here. Watch of it.

Assembling Afghan by hand sewing it together

Working with the right side of the squares up on a table, place the two squares together. With yarn needle, take up a loop from the bottom edge of each square, and whipstitch them together. Repeat across square, add two more squares, whipstitching these together, till you have the afghan, thenumber of squares that you want it wide.

Go back and whipstitch the sides of each square together. You now have completed two rows of your afghan.

Keep adding squares and whipstitching them together, untilyou have added all your squares.

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