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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kira's Kite Bookmark

Kira's Kite Bookmark@2006 by Kira Wilfort

Designed by Kira Wilfort, age 11

 This bookmark was made by my niece when she was learning to crochet at age 11. She has done several olther patterns which are on this list. Thank you Kira for this pattern, love you, Aunt Nina

What she does is pick out a ball of any color yarn.

Hook G

Chain 8 one to turn on. sc  across  row to end. ch1 turn sc across row.

Keep doing this till you have about 9 rolls down at end of last row ch 30 and cut off. This makes the tail.

Now with scraps of about 2 inch pieces of different color of yarn tie a bow down the tail of the kite.

Last you just pull the square to look like a kite not a square.

There you have a kite bookmark.

This is for Aunt Nina's crochet list.

Kira Wilfort

age 11

6th grade

This pattern is copyrighted, and may not be used on any media, including websites,
lists, newsletters, nor sold or recopied. It is for your personal use only.


1 comment:

penney said...

She did enjoy knitting and crocheting back then, now she doesn't have time with collage.