Sunday, November 10, 2013

Penney's Picot Choker

Penney's Picot Choker@2006 by Penney Wilfort
This is a really cute choker that my sister Penney did for my list. Thank you so much for this donate to the blog!



Southmaid size 10 thread, any color, Size 5 crochet hook

Chain any length you need, for a 15" choker, chain 95., ch 1, turn.

Row 1: sc in each chain across to end, ch 1, turn.

Row 2: * sc in next 4 sc, ch 6, skip 3 sc,  Repeat from *  across row, ch 1, turn.

Row 3: *sc in next 4 sc, at the 6 ch space, sc each ch to  top of hoop, ch3, sc in same space (picot made), sc in each of remaining sc's of hoop, repeat from * across row, end sc in last remaining sc, fasten off.


At each end, ch about 8 to 10 sc, and add metal screw, tie off.


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