Monday, September 7, 2015

Free Apron Sewing pattern

Easy Apron

Need a quick and easy project for that favorite someone?? This apron will take about 3 hours from start to finish and uses a 4x4 hoop.  My daughter loves bird houses, so is for her. One size fits all, but you can
cut the ties shorter if needed.
You will need:
5/8 yard (45 inches wide) of a main color fabric (A)
¼ yard for a flower fabric to match above ( B)
1 piece 8 x 8 white material
1 piece 8 x 8 iron on stabilizer
1 design from ,
Digitized by Linda. I used design number 6.
Thread to match A, threads for design (I changed some of the colors so that they would look better with my fabric for A)
1 large safety pin.
Note: use a ¼ seam allowance  (picture one)
Iron stabilizer to 8x8 white fabric, set aside.
From top of A, cut 2 - 3 inch wide strips (45 inches long each). (for ties and band) Rest is apron.
Sew around each piece of fabric and the white material with a zic zac stitch.
picture one
      Ties and apron band.
       Sew short ends together of the two 3 inch wide strips you
       cut, press seam flat. This is the band and ties.  Mark 10 inches
      each side of the center seam. See picture one.

Sew the ties shut from this mark to end, leaving the ends open for turning. Repeat for other end. Press seams flat.
Turning ties

picture two
picture 3
picture 4
picture 5

Fasten safety pin at one end of tie (see pictures two, three and four) insert pin into tie tube and push pin to center, pulling out the tie. See picture four. ( The open center is for the apron) Repeat for other tie. Press seams flat. 
At this point you can shorten the ties by holding the band and ties centered in front of you, and tie, if too long, cut the ends to the length you need.
Turn down ¼ inch on each side of center of the band and press flat. Set aside.  See picture 5
With right sides together, sew Fabric B to bottom of apron. Press seam down.
Hem: Turn up ¼ inch at bottom of apron, press, turn up again, press, and sew in place. Sew side seams them same way. Set aside. See pictures 6 and 7.
picture 7
picture 6


Stitch your design on the 8x8 white material, this is the pocket on the apron.  When done, turn under ¼ inch around the pocket, press. Then turn down the top  again, press. Sew across the top of the pocket only for now. Pin the pocket on the apron 4 ½ from the side, and 7 ½ from the top below the gathering. Sew sides and  bottom of pocket. See apron at top of page.
Gather top of apron and pin to center opening on the open part of the band, sew with ¼ seam. Remove gathering threads, press seam up. Pin back of tie to apron to cover the gathering and sew in place. Sew ends of ties closed. And you are done.
    front  sewn on machine                                                                         back, I handed stitched this.

This pattern is copyrighted, and may not be used on any media, including websites, lists, newsletters, nor sold, recopied or reformatted. It is for your personal use only           

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