Monday, January 11, 2016

Nina's Vine Scarf Pattern

Nina's Vine Scarf Pattern
@ 2008 by N. L. Banks

(read notes before you start)
11, 13, or 15 knitting needles, depends on size yarn, weight worsted.
Row counter, two markers
eyelash or ribbon yarn

1. slip markers as you come to them.
2. I used 11 needles, and baby yarn, with an eyelash, fun fur or a ribbon type yarn.
3. You can omit the eyelash yarn and cast on with the yarn.
4. I made each half about 3 1/2 feet long.
5. SSK= (slip one purl wise, do it again, now k them tog thru back loops),

Cast on 24 for thick yarn, or 33 for thin yarn.

With eyelash or ribbon, cast on  33 (or 24) and knit 10 rows. Cut eyelash, and attach yarn.

Row 1: k1, p1, k1, place marker, p18, place marker ,k1, p1, k1.

Row 2: k1, p1, k1, * k1, yo, k2, ssk, k 2 tog,  k2, yo, repeat from * across row, end k1, p1, k1,

Row 3: as row 1. ( k1, p1, k1, p18 ,k1, p1, k1.)

Row 4: k1, p1, k1, *yo, k 2, ssk, k 2 tog, k2, yo, k1 repeat from * across row, end, k1, p1, k1.

Repeat these 4 rows for pattern.
Make half the length you want, put on holder, repeat for other half,
then sew together at center.


This pattern is copyrighted, and may not be used on any media, including websites, lists, newsletters, nor sold, recopied or reformatted. It is for your personal use only.




Judie said...

Are you using the fun fur and yarn together as one?

Nina's At My House said...

no, you cast on 33 (or 24) with eyelash or ribbon and knit 10 rows. Cut eyelash, and attach yarn.

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