Thursday, August 20, 2015

Winter Clothes

Winter Clothes
gown 1
I have been sewing for myself for next winter, really needed some warm clothes and things. So I made myself two new winter nightgowns, the old ones were worn out. Both have some lavender in them, and lots of stitching. On the one on the right, I put piping on it just under the front yoke, and added binding for the ties at the neck, and also added trim to the piece at the bottom before finishing the hem and more binding on the end of the sleeves. I didn't have enough material for both the nightgowns, so I had to used what I had and mixed the colors for them. I did have to buy another piece to finish them both.

gown 2
The binding is easy to make. Just cut a strip about 2 1/2 inches wide and as long as you can, and as many has you think you might need, then sew them ends to ends.  Next, iron about 1/2 inch down at the top and iron up at the bottom of the long strip, and sew in place on your clothing. I also used it as trim on several items. Picture 1 shows the width of the binding, picture 2, with the top and bottom folded to the center and ironed, and picture 3 shows it on the bottom of one nightgown to finish the hem, and as trim. This is on the first
nightgown at the top left.
picture one
picture 2
picture three
I also made a long dress with 3/4 length sleeves, and just used what material I had here without having to buy more, sort of mix and match type thing. I had enough of the flowered material to make binding of out, so I used that on the neck and sleeves, and used pink binding for the hem at the bottom of the dress that matched the yoke. It's too hot for summer but in early winter its great. 


I also had in my stash of fabric enough to make a shirt for me,
 again using the piping on the shoulder seams and binding on the cuffs with lots of stitching, and red buttons. Now I need to start on some chirstmas gifts for the family and friends.

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