Thursday, March 17, 2016

Summer Hat

Summer Hat


Hat front                                                                                                                                      Hat back
What you need;
Crocheted doily, purchased straw hat, Plastic wrap, Elmer’s glue all, water, foil, padded board, odd assortment of plastic flowers, some ribbon in two widths, or whatever else you want to put on the hat, a bowl that fits well into the crown of the hat, pins, and a hot glue gun.
This hat is really easy to make, I used an old garden hat I had, and you can purchase them from the dollar stores. Next I crocheted a doily, but crocheted really tight, and used short chains than the pattern called for to make the doily bowl shaped. So when looking for a doily pattern to use, find one that uses lots of chain stitches between the main design.
Here’s how I made it:
Place plastic wrap on top of the padded board and then cover a bowl again with the plastic wrap, and on top of the bowl place some crumbled up foil if the crown of the hat is taller than the bowl.

Soak the doily in have glue and water, soak well, and ring out the excess glue. Place on top of the hat and pull it down over the crown of the hat, pin at the base of the crown, then pull out to the edge of the hat, and pin it place just like you would do a doily to block it. Wait a couple of days for it to dry really well.
Then the fun begins. Leave the hat on top of the plastic so you don’t get glue on your padded board, Look at my hat, and place your flowers, ribbons, and other things around the hat at the base of the crown, and using the hot glue gun, glue in place. You can look at the picture of the things I placed on my hat; I had an old purple butterfly and used it. I used a wide ribbon on the base of the crown first, and then glued the flowers around the hat.
I just wanted something to cover my head while I work outside around my home, it gets really hot here in the summer time, and I still have yard work to do.  When done, let hat dry a couple of days, then bend the hat a bit to soften it up so that it's not so hard.

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