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Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Through the window, it comes creeping,
Slowly seeking,
It's own prey.

Across the room, going slowly,
Nothing holy,
Hunting what it may.

Along the hallway, it is stalking,
Through the night, walking,
Never about the day.

Into my room, it comes, seeping,
As I lay, peacefully, sleeping,
Stealing it's way.

It's presents beside me, I feel, waiting,
As I am nearly, waking,
Doing as it may.

In the darkness, my terror rising,
As I lay, silently, crying,
Wishing for the day.

Out the window it goes creeping,
Already seeking,
On it's way.

Into the night, stalking,
Slowly walking,
For another prey.

They broke in my window, front door, garage, back door, and steal my mailbox. Screaming and yelling. Makes you feel raped and violated in the worse way.

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