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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

March 2007 Stitch of the Month Crochet

Starting chain: Multiple of 4 sts + 6. For sample chain 26.

Cluster = work 3dc into next st until 1 loop of each remains on hook, yo and through all 4 loops on hook.

Row 1:(right side): Work 1 cluster into 5th ch from hook (ldc, 1 ch formed at beg of row), 1ch, skip 2ch, l 1 sc into next ch, *3ch 1 cluster into next ch, 1 ch, skip 2ch,1sc into next ch; rep from * to last 2ch, 2ch,
ldc into last ch, turn.

Row 2: 4ch (count as l dc, 1 ch), 1 cluster into first 2ch sp, 1 ch, *1sc into next 3ch sp, 3ch, 1 cluster into same sp as last sc, 1ch: rep from * to last ch sp, l sc into last ch sp, 2ch, l dc into 3rd of 4th at beg of previous row, turn.

Repeat row 2 for pattern.

If you have not started yourself a sample dictionary, now's the time to do it, just do the sample, print this sheet out, attached the sample to it, and put them in a 3 ring binder, pretty use, you're have your own crochet dictionary.

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