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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vertical columns of garter stitch

April 2008 Stitch of the Month

Vertical columns of garter stitch

Work with a multiple of 6 stitches. Size 8 knitting needles.

For sample, cast on 18 stitches.

Rw 1: (right side, but I liked the back side better, and the picture is taken of the back side): *P 3, K 3*, repeat across row.

Rw 2: Knit all stitches.

Repeat these 2 rows for pattern.

This pattern stitch is an easy one, you could use as is for coasters, or add a crocheted edging to it. You could also cast on more stitches for a dishcloth, again adding a knitted or crocheted edging. You could also use the pattern as is on very large needles, say like a size 13 to 17 knitting needles, add 6 extra stitches for edging, say a seed stitch, keeping out side 3 stitches in a seed stitch and the center 18 in the pattern.

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