Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sealed with a kiss

 Sealed with a kiss  

  From the old west to present times, this is wonderful collection of short love stories, by four different authors and four different types of story lines. Great read.

1. Mail Order Sunshine Bride by  Janet Tronstad
  Nellie headed west in the late winter 1886 for a new life in the  Montana Territory as a mail order bride taking her young son Danny with her. But her husband to be had played poker and lost
her in a bet and the sheriff wants to take her to jail! Now what is going to happen to her.
   I loved the wonderfully developed characters in this story and the amazing story line. Great read.

2. Deadly Intent  Margaret Daley           
  Someone wants to put Ian out of business, they poisoned his dog,  then steal his prize horse, 5 head of cattle are dead, and they poisoned the water hole. Someone set his barn on fire. And it just
keeps getting worse. As a former police officer Ian has along of  people that want to hurt him and want him dead.
   Then into his life walks Texas Ranger Sarah Osborn once the love of his life and someone has taken Sarah hostage.
   Lots of suspense and action, great characters, I loved it.

3. Unshakeable Pursuit  Camy Tang    
 A young girl shows up at the Childrens Free clinic and wants Drs.  Maylin Kinley and Geoffrey Whelan to disappear before they are hurt  or killed. Then fake two FBI agents show up, and tries to kidnap them.
Now the fake agents are after them, can Geoffrey save them and still win the heart of the only woman he has ever loved? Then they kidnap  Maylin!
Lots of suspense, mixed with fires, gun shots, ice bombs, tear gas,  martial arts, and more guns makes this book a great read with tons of action.

4. With Love, Cowboy C Lacy Williams     Since Ashley joined the military, and worked with Atlas, her dog, her missions were discovering explosive devices, but she never planned on losing a arm when the bomb went off ending her and Atlas's careers.
Back home in Oklahoma, she faces an uphill battle with her  mom's heart attack and her dad forgetting to many things, she now must to learn how to do things for herself. And face the boy with his puppy love for her who now has grown into a man. 
This story has the best ending I've read in a long time. Loved the characters, story line, every thing.



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