Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Country Vet

The Country Vet by Eleanor Jones

     Wonderful book about a girl that decides to become a Vet when as a child her dog dies. Her love of animals winsbvover when she gets her first job as a vet in the English country side. 
 Then she meets Jake, a horse estate owner, the but  first thing that happens the horse she tried to save has to be put down. Now Jake is mad at her.
 The story line is different, never read a book aboutnba vet before, but the story goes on with the death of Jake’smother and daughter. Jakes wife takes their son to the USA with her. Will Jake see his son again? Will he get past losing his mother and daughter? Can he get over being mad at the Vet for putting his horse down. Will the Vet and Jake have a future together.
 I really enjoyed this book, the characters talk to you, makes you feel like you know them. Great book. I won this book from Good Reads and I gave it five stars.

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