Sunday, August 30, 2015


THE VALLEY @ 1991 by Nina Banks

As the last rays of sunlight kiss
The mountains tops, they cause
Long shadows to move across
The Valley, leaving an eerie
Darkness in the afterglow.

I ride silently in the early
Twilight, moving slowing, down
Into that Valley, where my
Heart is lingering still, in
A world I used to know.

The breeze, blowing gentle through the
Pines, the beauty of a lazy moving river,
The smell of coffee at my campfire,
Bring back dreams of a life
I lived here, long ago.

The smoke, curling upwards from the
Dying embers of my campfire, bring
Memories of the lonely cry of
Timber Wolves, as geese fly
Southward, away from the coming snow.

In trees nearby, a Hawk Owl is calling
For it's mate, I pour more coffee and
Listen to the beauty of the wind, and turn
In time to see, a Buck, standing
Gracefully and not far away, the Doe.

After I drink my last cup of coffee,
I'll lie down on a bed of Pineneedles,
Watching the stars above me, knowing
With the suns rising, I'll leave
This Valley, a world I love so.

Rising in the misty dawn, I ride
Silently along the ridge and take
One long glance at the Valley far below,
Leaving behind me all the things I
Love, in this world I used to know.

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