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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Entrelac scarves

Entrelac Scarves

I have made many scarves using this stitch, from 4 to 6 stitches. Love it.
I really like using the  variegated yarns for it. I just finished a scarf with
a matching hat. On the hat I used a 4 stitch repeat. The scarf I used a 5
stitch because of the yarn.

These are some entrelac scarves I made, some for a gifts and the other for myself. I had purchased a book called "Entrelac, The essential Guide to Interlace Knitting"  by Rosemary Drysdale so that I could learn to do this stitch. I started reading, and found out there are lots of stitches, plain, fancy, purl, knit, even lace ones. She gives very clear and easy to follow directions along with lots of pictures to help you learn the basic stitch and many projects using a few of the stitches. If you are wanting to learn this stitch, and its many uses, then this book is well worth the cost of $24.95.
The scarves are knit (main side) and purled on the back, I liked using a variegated yarn with this type of stitch, the stitch shows up really nice. I used a 6 stitch repeat, and not the 8 stitch the book had shown, but I think you could use any combine of stitches, five to even 10 and it would look great. I used the six stitches because of the size of needles and the thickest of the yarn. So it would depend on your yarn you use. I think if I did one of the lace stitches, I would want to use a plain yarn so that the lace would show up really nice. This one to the right is one I made for my self out of a baby yarn.

 I have made about four or five now, all using the six stitch repeat, and will make more maybe using either a 7 or 8 stitch repeat and maybe try one of the lace stitches. The one to the left is one I made for my granddaughter also using the 6 stitch. It was made using a thin 2 ply yarn and size 8 needles. The one below is a gift and also using the 6 stitch, I really think it looks nicer using it. It was made of sock yarn on size 9 needles.


Ellie Baughman said...

Very nice.. I want to try this now...

Ellie Baughman said...

Beautiful! I want to try this now.