Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Christmas gift for a friend

This is a Christmas gift for a friend. I am using a Entrelac 5 stitch
repeat and 10 1/2 wooden knitting needles. I am using Loops and
 Threads Charisma in Dragonfly. I got it on sale at Michaels for
$3.00 a skein. The scarf is longer now, about 32 inches, and I have
 used one skein so far. I ended up using 3 1/2 skeins so for less than 12.00
I had a scarf and matching end.

It's about 48 inches now, and I have used 2 skeins of yarn, just starting on the 3 skien, I want to make it a bit longer. I want to make a hat for it too,but will have to make it up as I go, no pattern.

Updated 4-17-1 16
I ended up making it 58 inches long. I used about 2 1/2 skeins. I started on the hat, using a 4 entrelac stitch, not sure what I am going to do,  but will work until it fits around the head. I have
some solid colored yarn in a hunter green to use with it.

updated 5-16-16
 Below is the hat.  I made it long enough to fit around the hat, then sewed the ends together. Then I picked up stitches around the top of the hat, and knit them long enough to fit over the very top of head. Closed it. I used a single crochet around the bottom of hat, then did a back
wards crochet stitch around it. I made the top and bottom of hat in a
hunter green.

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