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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Black Box

I had gotten her several boxes of jiffy mixes, cakes, icing, muffins, etc. for Christmas to help her learn to cook. The kid was sitting with her back to the chest of drawers when he came into the bedroom screaming at her, he hit her head and caused it to knock up against the chest, he punched her with his middle knuckle again in the knees and  head, over and over.  Screamed at her to get out, she was thirteen and before he started in on her, she was sticking her finger in the box of jiffy mix icing she got for Christmas and eating it. The darn box cost 10 cents. He was always punching her like that leaving bruises and bumps on her. And what really got to me is that the marriage counselor told her to go live with him. SOB.


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